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How does PayPal® work?

PayPal® is a service that allows you to make payments. You can link your PayPal® account to your credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts. To make a PayPal® purchase, simply select PayPal® during checkout and follow the prompts.

For more information on PayPal®, please visit their website.

Do I need to be a member to use PayPal®?

You may use PayPal® as a payment option as a member or guest.

PayPal® requires all T.J.Maxx® customers to have a phone number on their PayPal® account.

Can I use a TJX gift card or TJX Rewards Certificate in addition to PayPal® to complete my purchase?

Yes, TJX gift cards or Rewards Certificates can be added before or after choosing payment through PayPal. If a customer would like to add a gift card or reward certificate first, they should enter the payment at the prompt on the payment screen.  If a customer would like to add a gift card or reward certificate after choosing payment through PayPal, they must click on the “edit payment” link, and they will be able to add a gift card before proceeding to the next step. The updated amount will be sent back to PayPal when the customer places the order.

If I pay with PayPal® and return my item in a T.J.Maxx® store, how do you refund my money?

If you return your items to a T.J.Maxx® store, you will receive any refund due to you in the form of a merchandise credit.

If I choose PayPal® at checkout and select my linked TJX Rewards® credit card as my method of payment, do I still earn my rewards?

You will earn 1 point for every dollar of purchases made on when you choose PayPal® at checkout and select your linked TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® via PayPal® as your method of payment.  If instead you pay directly with your TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® (without PayPal®), you will then earn 5 points for every dollar of purchases made on
You will not be able to use your TJX Rewards® credit card (store card) to pay via PayPal®.

Can I use PayPal® to make purchases within a T.J.Maxx® store?

No, PayPal® is not available at our T.J.Maxx® store locations.

Can I purchase T.J.Maxx® gift cards using my PayPal® account?

Yes, PayPal® members and guests can purchase T.J.Maxx® gift cards from using their PayPal® accounts.

How do I contact PayPal® customer service?

Need a quick response? Contact the PayPal® Help Center and type your question into the search box to receive a complete answer. If more information is needed, PayPal® Customer service representatives are available via live chat, email or phone.
U.S. telephone number: 1-402-935-2050 (4:00 AM, PDT, to 10:00 PM, PDT, Monday-Friday & 6:00 AM, PDT, to 8:00 PM, PDT, Saturday-Sunday).

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