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  • After selecting and adding items to your shopping bag, click the 'checkout' button.
  • If you already have an online account with, you may log in at this time. If not, you may create an account or checkout as a guest.
  • Fill out your billing and payment information, making sure it all matches up with the credit card you plan to use. Double check your information and your order details, then click the ‘place my order’ button to submit your order. Each time “Submit” is selected on our website, an authorization is submitted on the form of payment being used. There is an extra $1.00 added to the preauthorization amount to ensure the funds are available once the order is ready to ship. This will not post to your account and will drop off in 3-5 days. Your card will not actually be charged until your order ships. cannot cancel or change orders once placed.
  • You're done! We suggest keeping a copy of your order confirmation for your own records and we will also email you one as well.