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What are Email Receipts?  

For your convenience, T.J. Maxx customers now have the option to receive their receipts by email in select stores. An Email Receipt may be used instead of a paper receipt if you wish to make a return.  The T.J. Maxx Return Policy is applicable to Email Receipt transactions. You will still continue to receive a paper copy of your receipt in addition to the Email Receipt.

How Do I Request an Email Receipt?
If Email Receipts are available at your T.J. Maxx store location, you will be prompted at checkout to select an “Email Receipt” on the PIN pad at the register. Use the PIN pad to enter your phone number and email address.

Why Do I Need to Enter my Phone Number?
We ask for a phone number so that next time you shop and want an Email Receipt, we can look you up more quickly. On a return visit,  after selecting the Email Receipt option on the PIN pad, you simply need to enter your phone number and a redacted version of your email address will automatically display for you to update or confirm.

Can I Add More Than One Phone Number for Email Lookup?
We can only associate an email address with one phone number.

Can I Update My Email Address or Phone Number?
You may update your email address or phone number at the PIN pad

Will I Receive Any Other Emails from T.J.Maxx?
When you request an Email Receipt, you will will be opted-in to receive brand marketing communications from TJX Brands. You may opt-out of receiving future emails by following the unsubscribe link in the email or on our website.

Are Email Receipts Connected to My TJX Rewards® Credit Card?
No, Email Receipts are not connected to your TJX Rewards credit card account. The email address you provide at the PIN pad will be used for your Email Receipts and will not affect any email address you have provided in connection with your TJX Rewards credit card.